The Great Omission – Seven Reasons #1

“It appears the Church ceded the world “wild” web to the Evil One long ago. And, no, potluck details, Home Bible Studies and “Men’s Saturday Prayer Breakfasts” do not count as reaching the Lost online. They need a spiritual Life-Line to the Savior.”

(Quote from Our Passion at The “Great Omission”

One of the most puzzling things to me about the U.S. Church today is the absence of the Gospel online. With literally hundreds of thousands of Churches in the U.S., most having websites today, how is it possible that only a small handful actually make the path to Eternal Life available for their site visitors?

Did we miss the conclave where it was decided that Salvation would not be offered to the millions who search weekly for spiritual answers on the web? Why is the absence of God’s Plan so consistent across hundreds of thousands of Church websites? Is there a better answer? If Seekers aren’t finding spiritual help on Church websites where would we recommend they look? More importantly, moving forward, there is a small, passionate group of us who want to see the Church make a “180” and reverse this reality. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it is critical I believe. Why don’t you have the gospel on your Church website? (Am I assuming incorrectly?)

You believe the Gospel or you probably wouldn’t be reading this. You believe others need the Gospel. But, do you implicitly or explicitly insist the Seeker has to come to your Church service to get Saved? Is that the criteria? Folks can only be saved in a Church? Where else could they be confronted with the claims of the Savior besides Sunday morning at 11 o’clock? Why not the “world wild web”? Why not make it available on your Church website. Why not start today!? I have included seven reasons every Gospel believing church must have the Gospel on their website.

There are others but I hope seven is enough to convince the pastor whose heart is sensitive to the Spirit to claim the internet for the Savior and make eternal life available to their Church, their community and the world.

It’s What Leaders Do – Seven Reasons

It’s What Leaders Do

I wrote an essay for an affiliate organization about leadership to encourage Churches to see the Internet as one of God’s greatest gifts since Pentecost. It was intended as a challenge to Pastors of smaller Churches who often have limited resources and don’t feel they can have an effective online ministry. My point was that while no Church can do everything, every Church can do something.

And, getting their ministry online is a critical first step to growing their Church and fulfilling The Great Commission. Where would you tell your members to go to find the Gospel to share with others? Why not your own website? Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 10 | P a g e © 2018 – Are you the leader your organization needs? I’ve pondered for years what I believe is the most profound definition of a leader.

It says, “A leader is someone who stands in the future and beckons us to join him!” Wait…read that again! Isn’t that amazing? And, they are amazing people to watch, to be around and to minister with. Are you that type of leader in your organization? Do you have such a grasp of where your Church or Organization should go that you are living it right now.

As you look around you see the colors, experience the tastes and enjoy the smells which for you are obvious but for others are only murky, risky and scary. The best most can do is wonder why you would jeopardize so much or what’s wrong with the status quo? Your job then is to instill confidence, motivate action and clear the path so others can join you.

As a leader in the Kingdom there is absolutely no question that the world “wild” web must be a critical component of any ministry for it to stay relevant much less grow and thrive in the future. You know too much darkness resides there and too little of the Body of Church is creatively invested. In your mind the Church of Jesus Christ must, by faith, claim for Him the greatest technical breakthrough since Gutenberg or, humanly speaking, both the present and future of the Church could be at stake.

The question left to answer on an individual level is, what is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to clear the path so others can join you? Stand in the future with the Online Gospel and beckon others to join you in reaching your world for Christ. If you have a vision and communicate it clearly and often others will join you. Please contact us with your questions, comments and suggestions. We welcome them all.

It Can Transform the Web – Seven Reasons

It Can Transform the Web

The Internet, or as we refer to it sometimes, The World “Wild” Web is a very big place. And, it’s safe to say that adding the Gospel to your website won’t upset the secular, even demonic, equilibrium that now seems to reign there. Our rough estimate is that currently less than 5% of evangelical Churches have the Gospel on their sites; hardly the numbers necessary to reshape the Internet in Christ’s image.

Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website. On October 30, 2009 the Internet celebrated its 40th birthday. From its very humble beginnings, humble by today’s standards, it is estimated the web will grow over twenty times its current size! It is impossible to imagine that amount of data being accessible by most of the world’s population in such a short time.

But, like all good actions in life, it’s never too late to start! When I think about the numbers necessary to truly set the web on fire with the Gospel I think about a now familiar story. It’s been told from the perspective of kids, soldiers and even a retired Wall Street stock broker. One day, while walking down the beach two people observed thousands of starfish stranded on the beach.

One fellow picked one up and threw it back into the sea. The other guy said, “Why are you troubling yourself with throwing one back into the water. Does it really matter? The other guy responded, “Well, it matters to this one!” I know every Lost and Saved soul matters to you. That’s part of the joy and the burden of your ministry. I want to stress that having the Gospel on your Church’s website can make a difference.

Yes, it does matter and it matters today! Given the resources of the Holy Spirit I also believe the smallest, seemingly inconsequential tool can be used to make the Web a better, more hospitable place for saint and sinner alike and change millions of lives if only one at a time. The question remains…why wouldn’t you add the Gospel to your Church’s website?

You Owe It To Yourself (and others) – Seven Reasons #6

You Owe It to Yourself (and others)

Who but the Spirit of God knows whether you could have come to Salvation in a different time, place or manner? I’ve always tended to think that the proclamation “today is the day of salvation” notwithstanding, that my personal moment of receiving Salvation was no sooner, no later and no different than it should have been.

I remember the days immediately following my conversion in college. I told several friends about my new-found faith. Their response was, “Oh, I know all about that, I became a Christian years ago”. My response was, “Well why didn’t you tell me this before?” In the same way, how would someone who accepted Christ through another Church’s website feel if years later they visited your Church services and heard the Gospel?

They might feel a bit like I did…”why didn’t you tell me this before when I visited your Website?” Now, imagine today was the day you would be saved. And, you providentially “stumbled” upon the very website of the Church where you’re now a leader. If you were seeking how to be saved from sin would you be able to find it?

Would you be expected to first visit the Church where you might hear the Gospel or find a tract? Or, visit another Church’s website that did provide the Gospel? And, if a person does receive Christ through your website and lives reasonably close to your Church where are they most likely to visit…and join?

Use By Members – Seven Reasons #5

“Humanly speaking, which version of your website do you sincerely believe the Spirit is more likely to use in His salvific ministry; the version with the Gospel or the version without? Of course, it’s entirely possible He could use your potluck dinner information to somehow bring Seekers to Christ but why limit His ministry to that when bringing the Lost to salvation is His desire?”

Use by Members

If you’re reading this chances are your Church believes, and you probably preach and teach to leaders and members alike, how important spreading the Gospel is. So, what better way to exemplify your sincerity and commitment to world outreach than to add the Gospel to your Church website? People, members and others, are inclined to do what their pastors and leaders “do” more than simply what we say.

It seems instinctual to us to place more trust in those who have gone before and shown us that what we’re asking of them only what we’re willing to do ourselves. By placing the Gospel on your Church website you and your ministry leaders are saying to members that “we are taking a public stand for the Gospel” and broadcasting it to our community and to the ends of the earth. How many times have you communicated with your membership the importance of sharing their faith?

You have developed brilliant strategies that you were sure would work and yet you don’t see much response. It’s not that your most faithful members aren’t willing but who doesn’t fear misquoting a critical verse during their discussion? Who walks around with a Gospel tract in their pocket? Do you? I don’t!

And, few pastors that we know do. Perhaps, one way to encourage them, and yourself, to share more readily and naturally, is by posting the Gospel on your website where it’s available 24/7/365 when your members need it and have the opportunity to share it with family, friends and coworkers. Or, at a minimum, they can refer others to your Church website Gospel page. (There are several more suggestions how you, your leaders and members can use your Online Gospel Page in our Email sequence.) After all, many of those who are likely to share are probably around computers on a regular basis. Who aren’t these days?

How great would it be if all they had to do was go to their own Church’s website where they would find a Gospel presentation available and help a family member or friend understand God’s path to Eternal Life. Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 8 | P a g e © 2018 – Imagine the Gospel online anywhere and everywhere you or your members have online access.

They’re able to share during lunch at work, when they visit relatives during the holidays, even leaving it on the desktop for the next patron to read after they use the computer at their local library. Still, why wouldn’t you add the Gospel to your Church’s website?

Seven Reasons You Need the Gospel on Your Church Website

Thank you for allowing us to share with you our vision for Changing Hearts, Growing Churches and Transforming the Web. More on all this in future emails.
We appreciate your interest in using your Church website as a conduit to share the Gospel and reach out to the Lost in your Church, your Community and around the world. I hope these messages will both stimulate your thinking and encourage your heart of the value and urgency of making your Church website not only a source of information but more importantly; transformation!
By now you’ve had a chance to read the “7 Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on It’s Website”. I hope you’ve benefitted from it and found at least one or more reasons your Church absolutely must add the Gospel to your website.
The 7 Reasons included:
     1. To Reach the Lost.
     2. To live in loving obedience to Matthew 28.
     3. To provide a tool for the Holy Spirit to use to bring the Lost to the Savior.
     4. To be used by members to share their faith with family and friends.
     5. To experience the joy of providing the means to salvation to others.
     6. It can transform the web.
     7. It’s what Leaders like you do.
Let me ask you to do me a small favor. I’d really like you to use my personal email below my signature and tell me which one or two of the 7 Reasons you most resonate with? Or, perhaps there’s an eighth reason you believe should motivate others like yourself to add the Gospel to your Church website.
As you can guess, there’s no “wrong answer”. We just want to get an accurate and heart-felt reading on what motivates pastors like yourself to move forward with this critical and timely transformation of the Church’s website..
And, by the way, if you ever feel these emails are not helping you can easily Unsubscribe at the link below. We are moving forward with the massive push to assist 100,000 U.S. Churches to include Salvation as part of their online ministry. We prayerfully ask you to join us.
In Him and for His glory alone,
Rev. Don Walley, Director
Next time: How Your Church Website can become a Silent Sentinel for Salvation.
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“Out of over 7,100,000 search results from the keywords “Online Evangelism” not a single approach that we could find toward reaching the lost starts with the local Church. All of them, every single one of them, are outside the Church with a sincere passion to help. aXiom is the only evangelistic tool that places the responsibility of the critical placement of the Gospel squarely where it belongs, on the shoulders of the local Church.”
The Axiom Network: Changing Hearts,
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Tool of the Spirit – Seven Reasons #4

Tool for the Holy Spirit

I wouldn’t pretend to understand a great deal of how the Holy Spirit works in His salvific ministry. Like you we’ve read and studied the passages explaining His activity to the point God wants us to understand it. However, I’ve often imagined, no disrespect intended, that He works a bit like a “search engine robot”. Search Engines send their “robots” out through the internet to determine who, what, why and where everything is. It then loads that data back into the Search Engine’s databases to be used for online searches. When you request a search (butterflies?) the Search Engine scans its database of available information and provides it to you in the form of “Results”.

Throughout the Church’s history the Spirit has used inspired and even some not so inspiring tools to draw men, women and children to Christ. That’s why Bibles in unlikely places, a “chance” meeting with a friend who shares the Gospel with them or for our purposes, a website with an available Gospel presentation all have been and, we believe, can and will be used by the Spirit in the future. Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 6 | P a g e © 2018 – Humanly speaking, which version of your website do you sincerely believe the Spirit is more likely to use in His salvific ministry; the version with the Gospel or the version without? Of course, it’s entirely possible He will use your online potluck information to reach the Lost on occasion.

With the Gospel available on your site and thousands of others we’ll simply trust the Holy Spirit to do with the Gospel what He may. Our role is simply to be faithful and leave the results to God. The Gospel on your website may indeed be the “shortcut” that the Spirit wants to use to guide and direct those seeking Salvation. In other words, we believe that other than the imperfect but powerful tool of the creation itself, occasional miracles and the like, the Spirit generally chooses to use the tools the Church has made available to Him for spreading the Gospel.

Only One Guarantee!

While there are no guarantees that any Church website that includes the Gospel will dramatically change Heaven’s population we can guarantee that if Churches don’t make the gospel available there are that many fewer opportunities, online or otherwise, for the Holy Spirit to draw people to Christ. If individuals around the world do make an attempt to find Christ online then at least you can be sure your Church will be faithfully, if silently, doing what it can to make a difference in lives. While God doesn’t need us, our works or our technology to spread the Gospel He has, more often than not, chosen to do so.

Now imagine the possibilities if your site had the Gospel available for Him to use. Imagine if there were tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of Churches flooding the Web with the Gospel. Wouldn’t this scenario provide abundant opportunities for the Spirit to work? So again, why wouldn’t you add the Gospel to your Church’s website?

The Great Commission – Seven Reason #3

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

When Jesus gave the command to His disciples to “go into all the world and make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20) He didn’t mention how they should accomplish this. Being products of their culture and with limited physical resources His disciples no doubt would have been thinking of spreading His message by land and sea and through contemporary technology such as scrolls and preaching. How could they think any differently?

The Internet today allows the Body of Christ on earth to propagate His message in unimaginable ways that just a few years ago were impossible. We believe part of God’s plan includes the World Wide Web and its ability to be virtually everywhere at the same time. The creation of this technological marvel didn’t catch God by surprise! Nor, should it be ignored by Christ’s Body on Earth! Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 5 | P a g e © 2018 –

As an evangelical minister, you are called to play a vital role in the fulfillment of The Great Commission. We implore you to make the Gospel available to any and all who intentionally or “accidentally” find your site either looking for information about your beliefs, to find out your service times or most beneficial, the search for the Promise of Eternal Life.

Answer this simple question?

In your opinion, if the technology had been available after the Ascension, who among the following visionaries would have utilized the Internet to spread the Gospel? Paul? Peter? Steven? Tertullian? Augustine? Wycliffe? Luther? Calvin? Whitefield? Wesley? Edwards? Billy Graham? If your website belonged to the Savior would He provide the Gospel online? Whatever differences, theological or otherwise, we might have had with these great evangelists and missionaries can we at least see their love for The Lost matches or exceeds our own? The question remains…why wouldn’t you add the Gospel to your Church’s website?

Reaching the Lost – Seven Reasons #2

Reaching the Lost 

To declare to those without a saving relationship with Jesus Christ how they might be forgiven of their sin and receive Eternal life through Jesus Christ alone.  To make the Gospel available to reach those specifically who are most likely to look for spiritual help online. The few times and places the Gospel has been available online, has historically been a passive technology, much like tracts left for someone to pick up or Bibles in hotel rooms.

Since you can’t simply hand someone a tract, preach them a sermon or discuss the gospel over a cup of coffee you can do the next best thing; namely, make it possible for them to providentially “find” the Gospel on your Church’s website; much like “finding” a Bible in a hotel room or while scanning their radio they “happen” upon an evangelistic sermon on a Christian radio station. (See Use by Members below for even greater impact). With the advent of the “World Wild Web” the Church of Jesus Christ, for the first time ever, has the means and opportunity to make the Gospel available in their communities and around the world where there may or may not be an evangelical witness.

Let me ask you honestly; is there a more important reason for having a Church website than to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Until now Proclamation has pretty much been limited to activities within the four walls. I’m not referring to the overall motivation; to inform those who either want to visit your Church or currently attend. After all, once someone becomes a believer it is imperative they continue in their discipleship ministry and part of that process includes keeping them informed of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth: fellowship, prayer, worship, outreach, et al.

Information or Transformation 

While most Church websites inform site visitors about service times, location, maps, staff and many details that make up the daily routine of the typical local Church, there are, oddly, very few that include information that can actually transform them. If we believe, and have experienced, the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ it’s not much of a stretch to ask why isn’t an “evangelical” Church ministry offering salvation to others online. TheaXiomNetwork Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 3 | P a g e © 2018 – encourages Churches who believe and teach Salvation through Jesus Christ alone to move their sites from a passive “brochure site” to a potentially life-changing site; from a site that merely “informs” to one that “transforms”!

At its simplest we define a clear online Gospel presentation as one where a person can learn they must: 1. Acknowledge and repent of their individual sinfulness 2. Agree that Jesus Christ is the Only means of forgiveness and eternal life 3. Personally accept Christ’s forgiveness based on a basic understanding of His sacrifice in their place Here’s our Non-copyrighted version of God’s Plan we provide to Churches.

We suggest it as a model if you don’t have one. Churches are limited in their Gospel Plan options because most of the others are copyrighted and therefore not available. We’re not suggesting that one visit to your site will win over the multitudes for Christ. Our own experience in coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ was much more circuitous and nuanced than that; at least from our human perspective. At any point in our own spiritual journey we probably would have benefitted from access to the Gospel. When we ask pastors and Church staff across the U.S. whether they offer their website visitors the opportunity to learn about Salvation, by far the majority say “no”.

When asked why the Gospel can’t be found on their sites the typical answer is, “I don’t know” or “we never thought about it”. We’ve never had any pastor who considers himself “evangelical” to say they shouldn’t have the Gospel available on their website. How is it possible that the most beneficial news to humankind that resides in the Body of Christ on earth is not available in the most likely place this generation will look to find it? The fear is that this generation of Church leaders runs the risk as never before of hiding its light “under a bushel” (Matthew 5:15). Several years ago during the waxing days of the internet I was casually discussing the topic of butterflies with a young lady. (No, I don’t remember why!?).

She challenged my comment so I told her I’d bring in an article I read the next day to prove my point. Instead, to my surprise, she opened up a browser, Netscape I believe, on her computer and within seconds was able to confirm what I said. That incident taught me that young folks, even then, weren’t Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 4 | P a g e © 2018 – “The ‘crisis at the heart of the church is that we give disciple-making lip service, but do not practice it.” * * Bill Hull – The Disciplemaking Pastor Isn’t sharing the Gospel implied in the definition of a (growing) disciple? It’s time we provide our disciples with the tools they need, online and print, then get out of their way and let them do the job for which God has prepare them! bothering to search for and read a book or article. Why would they?

They could find out nearly everything they needed or wanted online in seconds. How much more is this true today? This might seem like a quaint story about “way back when” but there was actually a time when searching on the web was an unknown activity. The fact that it no longer is makes my larger point of Seekers looking online for spiritual succor. Will they look at your Church’s website? Will they find it? The Internet exposes our truancy while at the same time remaining available to broadcast the Gospel to the world. Where would most Americans go to learn about Christ?

Undoubtedly, many who are looking for truth will look for or end up at the sites of cults, false religions or those antithetical to Christ. Or be distracted by the increasing availability of entertainment (news, porn, games etc.) In former days a Bible in hotels and motels throughout the U.S. and the world suddenly transformed that space into a quiet sanctuary where one could encounter the love and forgiveness of God. So, your Church website becomes a potential “hallowed meeting place” for those online to know more about The Gospel or your Church…but it’s now available 24/7/365.