It Can Transform the Web – Seven Reasons

It Can Transform the Web

The Internet, or as we refer to it sometimes, The World “Wild” Web is a very big place. And, it’s safe to say that adding the Gospel to your website won’t upset the secular, even demonic, equilibrium that now seems to reign there. Our rough estimate is that currently less than 5% of evangelical Churches have the Gospel on their sites; hardly the numbers necessary to reshape the Internet in Christ’s image.

Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website. On October 30, 2009 the Internet celebrated its 40th birthday. From its very humble beginnings, humble by today’s standards, it is estimated the web will grow over twenty times its current size! It is impossible to imagine that amount of data being accessible by most of the world’s population in such a short time.

But, like all good actions in life, it’s never too late to start! When I think about the numbers necessary to truly set the web on fire with the Gospel I think about a now familiar story. It’s been told from the perspective of kids, soldiers and even a retired Wall Street stock broker. One day, while walking down the beach two people observed thousands of starfish stranded on the beach.

One fellow picked one up and threw it back into the sea. The other guy said, “Why are you troubling yourself with throwing one back into the water. Does it really matter? The other guy responded, “Well, it matters to this one!” I know every Lost and Saved soul matters to you. That’s part of the joy and the burden of your ministry. I want to stress that having the Gospel on your Church’s website can make a difference.

Yes, it does matter and it matters today! Given the resources of the Holy Spirit I also believe the smallest, seemingly inconsequential tool can be used to make the Web a better, more hospitable place for saint and sinner alike and change millions of lives if only one at a time. The question remains…why wouldn’t you add the Gospel to your Church’s website?

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