It’s What Leaders Do – Seven Reasons

It’s What Leaders Do

I wrote an essay for an affiliate organization about leadership to encourage Churches to see the Internet as one of God’s greatest gifts since Pentecost. It was intended as a challenge to Pastors of smaller Churches who often have limited resources and don’t feel they can have an effective online ministry. My point was that while no Church can do everything, every Church can do something.

And, getting their ministry online is a critical first step to growing their Church and fulfilling The Great Commission. Where would you tell your members to go to find the Gospel to share with others? Why not your own website? Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 10 | P a g e © 2018 – Are you the leader your organization needs? I’ve pondered for years what I believe is the most profound definition of a leader.

It says, “A leader is someone who stands in the future and beckons us to join him!” Wait…read that again! Isn’t that amazing? And, they are amazing people to watch, to be around and to minister with. Are you that type of leader in your organization? Do you have such a grasp of where your Church or Organization should go that you are living it right now.

As you look around you see the colors, experience the tastes and enjoy the smells which for you are obvious but for others are only murky, risky and scary. The best most can do is wonder why you would jeopardize so much or what’s wrong with the status quo? Your job then is to instill confidence, motivate action and clear the path so others can join you.

As a leader in the Kingdom there is absolutely no question that the world “wild” web must be a critical component of any ministry for it to stay relevant much less grow and thrive in the future. You know too much darkness resides there and too little of the Body of Church is creatively invested. In your mind the Church of Jesus Christ must, by faith, claim for Him the greatest technical breakthrough since Gutenberg or, humanly speaking, both the present and future of the Church could be at stake.

The question left to answer on an individual level is, what is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to clear the path so others can join you? Stand in the future with the Online Gospel and beckon others to join you in reaching your world for Christ. If you have a vision and communicate it clearly and often others will join you. Please contact us with your questions, comments and suggestions. We welcome them all.

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