The Great Commission – Seven Reason #3

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

When Jesus gave the command to His disciples to “go into all the world and make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20) He didn’t mention how they should accomplish this. Being products of their culture and with limited physical resources His disciples no doubt would have been thinking of spreading His message by land and sea and through contemporary technology such as scrolls and preaching. How could they think any differently?

The Internet today allows the Body of Christ on earth to propagate His message in unimaginable ways that just a few years ago were impossible. We believe part of God’s plan includes the World Wide Web and its ability to be virtually everywhere at the same time. The creation of this technological marvel didn’t catch God by surprise! Nor, should it be ignored by Christ’s Body on Earth! Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 5 | P a g e © 2018 –

As an evangelical minister, you are called to play a vital role in the fulfillment of The Great Commission. We implore you to make the Gospel available to any and all who intentionally or “accidentally” find your site either looking for information about your beliefs, to find out your service times or most beneficial, the search for the Promise of Eternal Life.

Answer this simple question?

In your opinion, if the technology had been available after the Ascension, who among the following visionaries would have utilized the Internet to spread the Gospel? Paul? Peter? Steven? Tertullian? Augustine? Wycliffe? Luther? Calvin? Whitefield? Wesley? Edwards? Billy Graham? If your website belonged to the Savior would He provide the Gospel online? Whatever differences, theological or otherwise, we might have had with these great evangelists and missionaries can we at least see their love for The Lost matches or exceeds our own? The question remains…why wouldn’t you add the Gospel to your Church’s website?

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