The Online Gospel as Silent Sentinel

Today anyone who is considering visiting your Church will first go to your website. Wouldn’t you? Get your Church website ready to welcome folks from your Community for the upcoming holidays. Now is the perfect time to add the Gospel to your site so those visiting your Church will see your heart for the Savior and your love for them.

The most obvious benefit of adding the Gospel to your website is that it resides there 24/7/365 and allows the Holy Spirit to lead others there to confront them with the Gospel and their need to put their faith in Christ.
Most likely the unbelieving visitor last Sunday will visit your Church website during the week to learn more about your ministry and upon discovering the  Gospel learns how they can come to Salvation. Would a teenager or member on the verge of some life changing decision, good or bad, land on your Gospel page and find Christ there waiting for him or her?
What scenarios can you imagine that the Holy Spirit could use if your Gospel page was available around the world and around the clock? And, of course, what if it’s not available.
Rev. Don Walley, Director
Next time: What makes up a good online Gospel presentation?
From the Home page of TheaXiomNetwork:
“Humanly speaking, which version of your website do you think the Holy Spirit is more likely to use to advance His salvific ministry; the version without the Gospel or the version with; the one before you’ve added the Gospel or after? Which would you rather Him use?”
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