Tool of the Spirit – Seven Reasons #4

Tool for the Holy Spirit

I wouldn’t pretend to understand a great deal of how the Holy Spirit works in His salvific ministry. Like you we’ve read and studied the passages explaining His activity to the point God wants us to understand it. However, I’ve often imagined, no disrespect intended, that He works a bit like a “search engine robot”. Search Engines send their “robots” out through the internet to determine who, what, why and where everything is. It then loads that data back into the Search Engine’s databases to be used for online searches. When you request a search (butterflies?) the Search Engine scans its database of available information and provides it to you in the form of “Results”.

Throughout the Church’s history the Spirit has used inspired and even some not so inspiring tools to draw men, women and children to Christ. That’s why Bibles in unlikely places, a “chance” meeting with a friend who shares the Gospel with them or for our purposes, a website with an available Gospel presentation all have been and, we believe, can and will be used by the Spirit in the future. Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 6 | P a g e © 2018 – Humanly speaking, which version of your website do you sincerely believe the Spirit is more likely to use in His salvific ministry; the version with the Gospel or the version without? Of course, it’s entirely possible He will use your online potluck information to reach the Lost on occasion.

With the Gospel available on your site and thousands of others we’ll simply trust the Holy Spirit to do with the Gospel what He may. Our role is simply to be faithful and leave the results to God. The Gospel on your website may indeed be the “shortcut” that the Spirit wants to use to guide and direct those seeking Salvation. In other words, we believe that other than the imperfect but powerful tool of the creation itself, occasional miracles and the like, the Spirit generally chooses to use the tools the Church has made available to Him for spreading the Gospel.

Only One Guarantee!

While there are no guarantees that any Church website that includes the Gospel will dramatically change Heaven’s population we can guarantee that if Churches don’t make the gospel available there are that many fewer opportunities, online or otherwise, for the Holy Spirit to draw people to Christ. If individuals around the world do make an attempt to find Christ online then at least you can be sure your Church will be faithfully, if silently, doing what it can to make a difference in lives. While God doesn’t need us, our works or our technology to spread the Gospel He has, more often than not, chosen to do so.

Now imagine the possibilities if your site had the Gospel available for Him to use. Imagine if there were tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of Churches flooding the Web with the Gospel. Wouldn’t this scenario provide abundant opportunities for the Spirit to work? So again, why wouldn’t you add the Gospel to your Church’s website?

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