Use By Members – Seven Reasons #5

“Humanly speaking, which version of your website do you sincerely believe the Spirit is more likely to use in His salvific ministry; the version with the Gospel or the version without? Of course, it’s entirely possible He could use your potluck dinner information to somehow bring Seekers to Christ but why limit His ministry to that when bringing the Lost to salvation is His desire?”

Use by Members

If you’re reading this chances are your Church believes, and you probably preach and teach to leaders and members alike, how important spreading the Gospel is. So, what better way to exemplify your sincerity and commitment to world outreach than to add the Gospel to your Church website? People, members and others, are inclined to do what their pastors and leaders “do” more than simply what we say.

It seems instinctual to us to place more trust in those who have gone before and shown us that what we’re asking of them only what we’re willing to do ourselves. By placing the Gospel on your Church website you and your ministry leaders are saying to members that “we are taking a public stand for the Gospel” and broadcasting it to our community and to the ends of the earth. How many times have you communicated with your membership the importance of sharing their faith?

You have developed brilliant strategies that you were sure would work and yet you don’t see much response. It’s not that your most faithful members aren’t willing but who doesn’t fear misquoting a critical verse during their discussion? Who walks around with a Gospel tract in their pocket? Do you? I don’t!

And, few pastors that we know do. Perhaps, one way to encourage them, and yourself, to share more readily and naturally, is by posting the Gospel on your website where it’s available 24/7/365 when your members need it and have the opportunity to share it with family, friends and coworkers. Or, at a minimum, they can refer others to your Church website Gospel page. (There are several more suggestions how you, your leaders and members can use your Online Gospel Page in our Email sequence.) After all, many of those who are likely to share are probably around computers on a regular basis. Who aren’t these days?

How great would it be if all they had to do was go to their own Church’s website where they would find a Gospel presentation available and help a family member or friend understand God’s path to Eternal Life. Seven Reasons Your Church Needs the Gospel on Its Website 8 | P a g e © 2018 – Imagine the Gospel online anywhere and everywhere you or your members have online access.

They’re able to share during lunch at work, when they visit relatives during the holidays, even leaving it on the desktop for the next patron to read after they use the computer at their local library. Still, why wouldn’t you add the Gospel to your Church’s website?

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