What Should A Church Site Gospel Presentation Look Like?

What goes into a good Gospel presentation, especially one for the web? We’ll look at a few important components but one in particular needs to be pointed out.

What a Good Gospel Page Must Include

A good Gospel presentation must be first and foremost, Biblical. It must be true to the revelation in the New Testament. It must be clear and understandable to the average adult reader meaning roughly 4th or 5th grade.
While thousands of scholarly volumes have been written on every aspect of salvation and the Gospel in particular this is not the time or place to try to razzle-dazzle those who visit your site with scholarly erudition. They need the Gospel clear and unadulterated; not the finer points of theology or highlights about your denomination.
It must include references to Scripture as evidence it’s not of man but God. And those verses will probably require some interpretation and application although in this case sometimes “less is more”. It has always surprised me that we are somehow convinced that a modern Scripture version can’t be understood on its own.
Of course, some terms may need clarification but when possible trust God’s Word and Spirit to work the miracle. Remember, in most cases those who visit your Gospel page will not be part of a Church and may not know the language and terms you and I might easily toss around in a conversation about spiritual matters.
And, today, more than ever it should include attractive and relevant images. Photographs communicate in a way words cannot and can clarify many points being made. Videos are nice to have but not everyone can access videos, especially on their cellphones.
Making Your Online Gospel Usable (and Reusable)
But, after all these elements are included there’s at least one more than needs to be included; namely, a form to allow the visitor to engage with the Church and provide as much or as little Contact information as they want. Having volunteered with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association several times in the past we routinely passed out 4″x6″ Decision Cards at the end of a live crusade to those who wanted to let us know they had made a decision for Christ.
Online it’s important to have something similar on your Gospel page. Here at TheaXiomNetwork we refer to it as an “ODC” or Online Decision Card. It allows the Seeker to inform the Church of their decision or let the Church know they have a question along with any contact information they want to include.
These are just a few ideas I believe will serve  your ministry well. If you have any questions about this topic or anything else don’t hesitate to send an email to my address below my signature. It would be a privilege to hear your suggestions and ideas.
Rev. Don Walley, Director
Next time: What if someone visits your site but they don’t complete your ODC?
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