You Owe It To Yourself (and others) – Seven Reasons #6

You Owe It to Yourself (and others)

Who but the Spirit of God knows whether you could have come to Salvation in a different time, place or manner? I’ve always tended to think that the proclamation “today is the day of salvation” notwithstanding, that my personal moment of receiving Salvation was no sooner, no later and no different than it should have been.

I remember the days immediately following my conversion in college. I told several friends about my new-found faith. Their response was, “Oh, I know all about that, I became a Christian years ago”. My response was, “Well why didn’t you tell me this before?” In the same way, how would someone who accepted Christ through another Church’s website feel if years later they visited your Church services and heard the Gospel?

They might feel a bit like I did…”why didn’t you tell me this before when I visited your Website?” Now, imagine today was the day you would be saved. And, you providentially “stumbled” upon the very website of the Church where you’re now a leader. If you were seeking how to be saved from sin would you be able to find it?

Would you be expected to first visit the Church where you might hear the Gospel or find a tract? Or, visit another Church’s website that did provide the Gospel? And, if a person does receive Christ through your website and lives reasonably close to your Church where are they most likely to visit…and join?

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